Tribal Casinos Within Canada

In many provinces throughout Canada, there have been agreements between the provincial government and the First Nations, allowing Canadian Indian casinos to be operated. First Nations is associated with aboriginal people in Canada and these nations have successfully come to agreements with Canadian governments to allow the operation of Native casinos in Canada.

Brief History of Canadian Indian Casinos

To help economically develop aboriginal communities, Canadian First Nations campaigned for the right to operate casino establishments on tribal lands. Claiming they had aboriginal rights to offer gambling, First Nations lost the initial battle when in 1996, the Canadian Supreme Court rules commercial gambling was not a part of the culture. However, the government did come to an agreement that would allow First Nation communities to operate gambling sites. Provincial approval was required.

After provincial approval is granted, Canadian Indian casinos can be established, and there have been dozens of First Nations that have signed agreements with provincial governments. The gaming activities found at these casinos offer a range of activities that can include ceremonial games as well as Vegas style casino games. Unfortunately, there are less than 20 of these Indian casinos operating within Canada at this time.

Native Casinos in Canada

For those that are seeking the action of casinos o native land, there are 17 First Nation casinos in Canada. Five are located in Alberta, one in British Columbia, two in Manitoba, three in Ontario and six in Saskatchewan. Many of these are fully operating casinos offering all the Vegas-style games players enjoy. While Canadian Indian casinos are not as widespread as the Native casinos found in the US, there are still some amazing options and these casinos will provide entertainment, chances to win major payouts and will provide a safe and secure experience for all. Some of the most popular first Nation casinos include:

  • Grey Eagle Casino
  • Casino Rama
  • Great Blue Heron Casino
  • Bear Claw Casino and Hotel
  • Gold Eagle Casino
  • Northern Lights Casino
  • Painted Hand Casino

Most of these casinos are located in provinces that have a commercial agreement that state revenues generated from Native Canadian casinos are shared with First Nations communities.

The Success of Canadian Indian Casinos

Since the first native casino opened in 1996 in Canada, there has been much success as more casinos started to open in various provinces. The operation of such casinos offers a consistent revenue stream and enhances aboriginal community infrastructure. The casinos have also offered political and social empowerment and since these sites have been operating, there have been no increases in problem gambling or crime rates in the provinces where the Indian casinos are located. These establishments have also created many needed jobs that have helped to build a strong economy within tribal communities, so there have been a number of amazing benefits, even though there are fewer than 20 Indian casinos in the entire country. There are no plans for the opening of any new Canadian Indian Casinos in the near future, but it is possible that some may be added to the list as aboriginal communities continue to reap the benefits of the revenue generated and the jobs created.